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Leftover Feelings
John Hiatt / Jerry Douglas
New West Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 21, 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, John Hiatt walked into Historic RCA Studio B and opened up a lifetime full of leftover feelings. A half-century ago, Hiatt lived in a ratty, $15-a-week room on Nashville’s 16th Avenue, less than a mile away from the RCA and Columbia studios that were the heartbeat of what had come to be known as “Music Row.” In the ensuing 50 years, he went from a scuffling young buck to a celebrated grand master of song.

With Leftover Feelings, Hiatt teamed up with multi-grammy winning artist and producer, Jerry Douglas and his band, The Jerry Douglas Band. There’s no drummer, yet these grooves are deep and true. And while the up-tempo songs are, as ever, filled with delightful internal rhyme and sly aggression, the Jerry Douglas Band’s empathetic musicianship nudges Hiatt to performances that are startlingly vulnerable.

In life, leftover feelings can remain unresolved, no matter how often explored. Explicated in a place of history, a place of comfort. A sacred place, if you believe the documentation of human expression to be a holy thing. Here then, with this album, there is a meeting of bruised and triumphant American giants. Here are Hiatt and Douglas, creating the meant-to-be: Love songs and road songs, sly songs and hurt songs. Their songs, and now our songs. Leftover feelings that edify and sustain.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Long Black Electric Cadillac 3:25 Buy

    Long Black Electric Cadillac

  2. 2 Mississippi Phone Booth 3:06 Buy

    Mississippi Phone Booth

  3. 3 The Music Is Hot 3:46 Buy

    The Music Is Hot

  4. 4 All The Lilacs In Ohio 3:29 Buy

    All The Lilacs In Ohio

  5. 5 I'm In Asheville 3:27 Buy

    I'm In Asheville

  6. 6 Light Of The Burning Sun 4:38 Buy

    Light Of The Burning Sun

  7. 7 Little Goodnight 4:43 Buy

    Little Goodnight

  8. 8 Buddy Boy 3:27 Buy

    Buddy Boy

  9. 9 Changes In My Mind 3:34 Buy

    Changes In My Mind

  10. 10 Keen Rambler 3:25 Buy

    Keen Rambler

  11. 11 Sweet Dream 4:29 Buy

    Sweet Dream

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